Friday 12th May Fast Facts No. 11 2017


Club meetings coming up
(Thursdays 5.30pm for 6pm CWA unless advised below)

Thurs 18 May

Thurs 25 May




Thurs 1 June

Board meeting

Partners night:  guest speaker Brooke Flood, Sgt in Charge Eumundi Police Station  AND farewell to Kevin and Val Pickford

Guest Speaker – Stephen Alexander on Workplaces of the Future (cluster clubs meeting)


Community & District diary dates

Car Parking:

27 & 31 May and 3 & 24 June


News and Business Items

  • Incoming President Peter celebrated his birthday by leading last night’s Trivial Pursuit club challenge with Pres Greg’s assistance.  The nine challenge participants in four teams had fun, broke most of the rules, gave each other plenty of help with answers to “stupid” questions so at the end of only an hour, it was hard to identify a clear winner.
  • It was good no very good to have Doug Page in the thick of the Trivial Pursuit competition.
  • Bob Cartledge is on the welcome desk roster this month and Greg I and Olivia are down for June.

If you would like to help with some special savoury treats for Val and Kevin’s farewell, please give Joyce a call.

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