Friday 26th May Fast Facts No. 12 2017


Club Meetings Coming up

Thurs 1 June Action Plans Review for 17/18
Thurs 8 June

Thurs 15 June



Thurs 22 June

Thurs 29 June

Pictionary novelty night – at the Bistro, Joe’s

Guest Speaker – Stephen Alexander on Blockchain (cluster clubs’ meeting) Special refreshments

Board meeting

Changeover Dinner Sala Thai

Community & District diary dates

Tues 30 May



Sat 3 June

9.30am Volunteers to assist stage II of deep clean of office in CWA Hall – if you can give a hand, please contact Janet

Car Parking

News and Business Items

  • Janet remaining as Director Community for 2017/18 and Derek accepting the Quartermaster position means that all positions are now filled,  well ahead of June’s changeover.  Hooray!
  • Peter  has taken the last spot on tomorrow’s car parking roster so now Kevin’s handover to Olivia can be full steam ahead with the next car parking roster needed for 3 June.  This is great as Kevin is recovering from a stroke a week ago.  Posting to Rotterdam is on hold while tests and treatment are underway.  Kevin says he is feeling well now and hopes he has dodged a bullet and will remain unaffected by consequences of hopefully a small stroke.  Members sent their good wishes to Kevin.
  • Our inbound shared exchange student  Amalia from Sweden will be hosted by Tania and her family from 17 Nov til 18 Jan.
  • Greg I and Olivia are welcome table and set up crew for June.
  • Pres Greg asked everyone to review the current action plan he emailed during the week so that the time together at 1 June meeting can maximise progress on next year’s action plan – no pain, no gain.
  • Tania gave an update on info re National Youth Science Forum – more to come hopefully from some help from ADG re pros and cons with nomination a student from our area.
  • Pres Greg and incoming Pres Peter asked members to seriously consider a suitable date for the 2018 long lunch, the format, the management model and to identify the event organiser.
  • Pres Greg asked for suggestions for the president’s annual donation possibly to be presented at the changeover dinner – can be more than one donation.  He would like to support Take the Lid of Mental Health and one or more directly relevant local initiatives.
·         Pres Greg read a well expressed letter of thanks from the Supreme Team for allowing them to earn dollars for their Singapore competition by joining with the Rotary car parking team.

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