RYLA - Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is an                        
exciting and challenging program which aims to
equip leaders and potential leaders aged between
18 to 26 with the personal, leadership and
citizenship skills required to succeed in all areas of
life. The program provides participants with an
unforgettable experience in life, learning and
laughter in a rural setting. 

At the end of this program participants will be able to:

Personal Development
a.    Develop an understanding of the uniqueness of oneself
b.    Develop lifelong learning skills
c.    Display appropriate communication skills
d.    Display self-confidence

e.    Identify the qualities of a leader
f.    Promote team work
g.    Embrace change
h.    Create an action plan that ensures,
i.    the transfer of 5 key program learning’s and
ii.    that creates habits of life-long learning

i.    Discuss the Purpose of good citizenship
j.    Understand and Promote the values of Rotary

To download an information brochure click here  RYLA_Brochure

To download information on the program for 2020 click here RYLA Information for 2020